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Using Cookies

“Globalmiles” will collect, process, and securely store information about your surfing activity in order to better provide you services and benefit you from the advantages of being a member, within the scope of its legal obligations and on the condition that this information is not used outside the scope or for other purposes that are defined in this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy. Information on the cookies that we use in order to collect information on your surfing activity will be provided on the “pop-up page” that will open the first time you download Globalmiles app to your phone or tablet.

Cookies are text files that contain small data pieces that are stored on your computer, cell phone or tablet, which are installed by your Internet browser when you visit “Globalmiles” website or download the mobile app to your cell phone or table. “Globalmiles” cookies store data that is gathered through current files, empty gif documents and/or third party sources with the aim of composing a summary about your preferences. “Globalmiles” monitor your surfing information and/or membership usage history with the aim of providing you with membership-specific advertisement, offer you special offers and marketing offers, improve the content of the website and mobile app and/or identify your preferences. “Globalmiles” can pair data that is collected from you online or offline through various methods or at different times, and can use this information together with other information that is obtained from other sources such as third parties.

Types of Cookies

“Globalmiles” uses session cookie and persistent cookie on its website and mobile app. Session id cookie expires when you close your browser. Persistent cookie is retained on your hard drive for a long time. You can erase persistent cookies by following the instructions provided on the “help” file of your Internet browser or by vising the websites “” or “”, and you can reject both session cookies and persistent cookies. If you reject persistent or session cookies, you can still continue to use the website or mobile app but you may not access all the functions of the website and mobile app, or your access may be limited.

How does “Globalmiles” Use Cookies?

“Globalmiles” uses cookies in order to

  1. remember the preferences you make and personalize your use of the website/mobile app. This usage contains:
  2. cookies that save your password and keeps your website/mobile app session open, and in this way saves you the trouble of entering your password each time you visit the page, and
  3. cookies that remember and recognize you at your following visits to the website/mobile app;
  4. identify how you use the website/mobile app, including monitoring the location from where you are connected to “Globalmiles”, which content you view on the website/mobile app, and how you use the website/mobile app such as the duration of your visit;
  5. offer you content and advertising that is more matching to you and your areas of interests, in other words, for targeted advertising/promotion. In this way, when you use the “Globalmiles” website or mobile app, it provides you content and advertising that are more matching for you, and does not provide you content or offers that you previously specified that you are not interested in. “Globalmiles” pairs information that is collected through cookies with the personal information we collect from our members.

How does “Globalmiles” use third party cookies for advertising and re-targeting?

Globalmiles” may also use cookies in order to activate “advertising technology” through search engines with the aim or providing you with advertising it believes will interest you when you visit “Globalmiles” website and/or the websites of MEMBER BUSINESSES on which “Globalmiles” places an ad. Advertising technology uses information about your previous visits to the website/mobile app of “Globalmiles” and the website/mobile app of PROGRAM PARTNERS on which “Globalmiles” places an ad, in order to provide you member-specific advertising. When offering these ads, “Globalmiles” can install a unique third party cookie to your browser in order to be able to recognize you. “Globalmiles” website/mobile app also uses Google Analytics, which is the web analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies with the aim of analyzing how visitors use the website/mobile app. Information about your usage of this website/mobile app (including your IP address) are conveyed to Google and stored at its servers in the US. Google will use this information with the aim of evaluating your usage of the website/mobile app; compiling activities on “Globalmiles” website/mobile app; and, providing other services that are related to the website/mobile app activities and internet usage, yet Google will not pair your IP address with other data it stores. For more information on the utilization of Google Analytics (including, the options on rejecting it), you can visit the page:

In addition to this, by consenting to this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy and Communication Permission, you are also consenting that your e-mail address, which is included in the personal information you shared with “Globalmiles”, is to be shared with Facebook with the aim of offering you ads that might interest you, and of creating a custom audience with Facebook. Before you load and convey your e-mail address to Facebook, it is encrypted locally at our system by Facebook using the hash method. Your e-mail address that is Encrypted with Hash Method and shared with Facebook will only be used for the pairing operation. Your e-mail address is not shared with third parties or advertisers, and is erased from Facebook’s systems in the shortest possible time after the pairing operation is complete. Facebook is obligated to (a) protect the safety and integrity of your personal information as long as it is retained in the systems of Facebook; (b) ensure the privacy and security of the Information That is Encrypted Using Hash Method and the Facebook User Id collection that constitutes your custom audience (“custom audience”), in such a way that include technical and physical security measures that are developed in order to prevent mistaken or unauthorized access to your personal information that is stored on Facebook systems, and mistaken or unauthorized use, alteration, or disclosure of your information. Furthermore, without your consent or unless required by law, Facebook does not provide access or disclose your custom audience to third parties or other advertisers; does not add your custom audience information to the information on our users; does not create profiles based on areas of interest; does not use your custom audience except for providing you services. For more information on the terms of Facebook custom audiences, you can visit and on Facebook Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy you can visit